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Modern, Jazz and Tap

With their roots heavily tied to jazz music and rhythm and blues in the US, the jazz and tap forms of dance are America’s contributions to the world of dance. They are fun, energetic, inclusive, and liberating styles of dance, which are practiced and performed today to a variety of popular music styles.

Modern, Jazz & Tap

Modern Technique

For students enrolled in Ballet Level 6 or higher, Ballet Rincon’s forward-moving Modern program includes an essential historical look at this 20th Century dance genre, and explores the foundations of Modern dance, along with today’s contemporary forms, for a fusion of contemporary modern dance forms from all over the world, which offers a new unifying aspect to this dance form.


For dancers age 5 and up, Ballet Rincon’s Jazz Program challenges dancers to explore their technical and emotional boundaries through emphasis on movement rather than narrative, incorporating elements of standard 20th Century jazz and current contemporary jazz technique. Ballet Rincon students explore choreography and utilize many exciting non-standard movements and incorporate unique movement vocabulary from international dance styles.


For dancers age 5 and up, Ballet Rincon’s Tap program introduces the foundational tap qualities of  clarity, agility and speed. Students must master steps taught before advancing to the next class level.

Tap dancers are introduced to and train in both Broadway and rhythmic tap styles at appropropriate age and technique levels. Students must be age 5 by August 31 of the current Ballet Rincon Season.

Broadway Style Tap focuses on tap training that evolved and was made popular in film and New York City’s Broadway musical theater. It focuses on the aesthetic line of the entire dancing body.

Rythmic Style Tap is a percussive dance style with the dancer’s foot and tap shoe becoming one musical instrument.

Jazz Basics

For ages 5-7, Ballet Rincon’s program uses age-appropriate technique and music for an energetic and fun class for our youngest jazz movers.  Students must be age 5 by August 31 of the current Ballet Rincon Season.  

Jazz Technique

For ages 8 and up, and a recommended minimum of one year of ballet training, Ballet Rincon’s beginning, intermediate and advanced Jazz Levels explore classical 20th-Century jazz technique, progressing through 21st-Century genre developments of grounded movement, syncopation, isolation, contraction, and improvisation, with further emphasis in placement and aesthetic line.


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Expert Instructors

Our experienced teaching staff comes from diverse backgrounds, and bring the very best in professional experience and pedagogical abilities. Professional dance companies that our faculty have worked with include: American Festival Ballet, Ballet Idaho, Ballet Magnificat!, Ballet Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro, Beijing Dance Theatre, and the Oakland Ballet.


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