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With over 300 years tradition, classical ballet is the foundation of western dance, it is the oldest form of codified dance training and performance in the West. Originally promoted by France’s King Louis XIV in the mid-1600s, classical ballet has spread across the world, and is the most popular, internationally recognizable, and beloved dance art form. Here at Ballet Rincon, our teaching staff hails from a variety of teaching traditions, bringing that global perspective to Southeast Tucson. Moreover, we are proud to include the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE® National Training Curriculum, a breakthrough nine level program that combines high quality artistic training with the basics of dancer health and child development. The ABT® National Training Curriculum consists of a comprehensive set of age-appropriate, outcome-based guidelines to provide the highest quality ballet training to dance students of all ages and skill levels. Our program is divided into two divisions: Primary Division & Advanced Training Division


Primary & Intermediate Divisions

Beginning at age 5, and up to approximately 12 years of age, the Ballet Rincon Primary Division program introduces beauty, ritual, etiquette and discipline to young dancers who are leveled in Ballet Rincon Primary Prima Program Level 1- 3 and our Intermediate Division Level 4-5, which takes a young dancer from beginning to pre-intermediate. Foundations are laid for complex movement patterns, and dancers who participate in the Primary Division Program will experience the joy and strength that comes from skills acquired to mastering one’s body in movement. For ages 5+.

We also offer a Beginning Ballet class for begining dancers ages 8+.

Advanced Training Division

The Advanced Training Division is intended for students who are leveled in Ballet Rincon Level 6 and up. These dancers have demonstrated interest, ability, and commitment to dance training at a higher level. Dancers enrolled in the Advanced Training Division train at least three afternoons a week, and have rehearsal times outside of their regularly scheduled classes. This program expands the dancers exposure, understanding, and execution of classical ballet as an art form.


Earning the privilege to dance en pointe is a rite of passage for the young female ballet student. For the safety and longevity of the dancer, Ballet Rincon takes this process seriously, and evaluates each dancer on a case-by-case basis as each dancer’s physical development and readiness is highly unique. Instructor permission is required to enter this program, based on steps mastered, strength and proper body alignment. Students must be at least 11 1/2 years old with a minimum of two years ballet training, and leveled at Ballet Rincon Level 7 or higher.Once a dancer is invited to join the pointe program, there are 4 levels of pointe in the Ballet Rincon curriculum.


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Expert Instructors

Our experienced teaching staff comes from diverse backgrounds, and bring the very best in professional experience and pedagogical abilities. Professional dance companies that our faculty have worked with include: American Festival Ballet, Ballet Idaho, Ballet Magnificat!, Ballet Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro, Beijing Dance Theatre, and the Oakland Ballet. 


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