Training the whole child




We cultivate technical mastery and promote healthy self-awareness to create joyful ambassadors for the world of classical dance.

Located in the picturesque community of Civano, Ballet Rincon is Southeastern Tucson’s premier academy of dance. Our mission is to share our love of dance to the largest possible audience in our community through the excellent training of young dancers, while holding equal the students’ senses of physical and emotional well-being. We pledge the practice of technical and artistic mastery and healthy self-awareness to create joyful ambassadors for the profoundly beautiful world of classical dance.

We love the instruction, the management, leadership and the ballet family we have become a part of.”

“The growth in my daughter’s dancing ability and confidence is what keeps us here. The instructors are very professional and care about their students.”
“We feel BR is very nurturing. Our daughter receives both positive feedback and constructive criticism. We feel she is cared for as the dancer she chooses to be.”
This studio is amazing, has become part of our family. We don’t just dance here. We have best friends here. It is a place I trust my children will grow.


Ballet Rincon is pleased to offer the community several concert series that feature vibrant, full-length dance productions. These include:

The Nutcracker–a winter holiday tradition at Vail Theatre of the Arts

Community Events– Tucson Museum of Art performances featuring the BR Ensemble.

The Spring Concert Series–featuring two distinct programs: a full-length  classical ballet and a showcase featuring jazz and tap.

All productions feature the students of Ballet Rincon Academy of Dance, as well as distinguished guest artists from the Tucson community.


Keeping your child’s healthy development at the center of our focus, and following a vigorous curriculum, we provide your child a complete and varied dance education. We offer robust programming in pre-school, classical ballet, jazz, and tap that will engage, challenge, and inspire your young dancer, all while having fun and cultivating joy. 

Spring Showcase


The Story of Coppélia

Based on the original story by E.T.A Hoffman with music by the brilliant composer, Leo Delibes, this traditional story takes the audience on a romp through the secrets of a mysterious toymaker and romance!

ACT I-Scene 1
Morning in the Village Square
The villagers are preparing for the Harvest Festival. The celebration is momentarily interrupted by Dr. Coppélius, whose mysterious “daughter”, Coppélia, causes a quarrel between the lovely Swanilda and her fiancé Franz. The villagers, after continuing the celebrations while dancing a mazurka and czardas, disperse to await the Harvest Festival the following morning. Meanwhile, Swanilda and her friends investigate the strange house of Dr. Coppélius.

ACT I-Scene 2
Inside Dr. Coppelius’ Workshop
Swanilda and her friends search for the girl they saw earlier on the balcony. Soon after, Dr. Coppélius returns and chases them – except for Swanilda, who hides – from his workshop. Franz arrives and Dr. Coppélius wickedly endeavours to take his spirit from him and put it into the body of his “daughter”, his most prized possession. Coppélius is fooled by Swanilda and thinks his mechanical doll has come to life. The lovers are reunited and Dr. Coppélius is left broken-hearted.

— intermission —

The Day of the Harvest Festival
The day of the celebration has arrived and Swanilda and Franz are married. Dr. Coppélius happily attends the festival, as the gathered villagers celebrate the pageant day with joyous dancing.



Enjoy BR’s matinee show – a presentation of our Preschool dancers as well as our Tap, Jazz and Modern Ballet collection.


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